My journey into Veterinary Medicine

Welcome to my world of school, med terms, experiments, and the occasional cute creature, and rants...oh the rants....

Great Late Update

Things have been very hectic in life. I managed to snag a B+ in Animal a and P II, and I got an A- in Algebra, luckily I have managed to keep my gpa at a 3.75. I have been making large changes in my life over the past few months and I have decided that my best interests have been found in human medicine. I shall probably be transferring schools and pursuing a vastly different career. I will have to expand on this decision at a later date.

Laziness and craziness

A brief update for the tumblrcans.

I have managed to raised my A and P grade to an 89%. With the help of Tammy, my tutor, I’ve managed to keep all my test scores at 90 percent and above. I JUST took my lecture final exam this morning and I am SO excited to be done with school until I am able to focus on the whole of my professional track. :) I also managed to score 100 percent on my Algebra midterm and a 90 percent on my latest test. My final exam is Saturday morning and I will be officially done for summer. YAY!!! I started this blog a little after starting school, and I am proud to say that I have been in school for over a year straight, managing to keep A’s in the gradebooks and even if I receive a B, I know I did my ABSOLUTE best, so I will be okay with it. Now I just wish to be lazy and focus on myself. I apologize for not updating this blog sooner, but I have been dealing with some very stressful personal problems. Hope you all enjoy your summer! :D

I know when the world will end

the world will end when not a single person on earth enjoys and gets excited over a refrigerator box.


Hello, my name is Alyssa and I am a gummi worm addict….

About me

I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like waffles…..they obviously have poor judgment. 

Ever wanted to push someone off a cliff? I do!

So here’s a picture of a beautiful red fox to help you cope with your anger. (I love its fur!)


Yes, currently there are 30 students in my class…..we were ranked in Animal A and P 2….I am one of four students currently passing this class. I’m passing by the skin of my teeth BUT I am passing…. O.O How is this happening. Sorry if you feel neglected tumblricans, I’ve been neglecting everyone lately.

So much frustration….

So….I scored a 75% on ONE of my midterms……WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?!?! I seriously don’t understand what the BLEEP I am doing wrong. I’ve tried keeping the same study strategies as A and P one (that didn’t work). I also have tried changing it up a bit (this hasn’t worked either), so here I am at 4 a.m., a nervous wreck, trying to understand WHY I suck so bad!!!!!! Our prof is testing us on things we AREN’T even studying…..she asked us about anesthesiology on our midterm….WE HAVEN’T COVERED THAT YET (and it has nothing to do with anatomy or physiology)!!! As of right now I am OFFICIALLY failing this class. I have an 83%….I need an 84 percent to pass…..I know there is redemption BUT THESE 75% PERCENT BULLCRAP NEEDS TO STOP!!!!! I COULD RIP MY DAMN HAIR OUT!!!!! I feel like I am clawing at vertical sand right now. I don’t want another B…..I don’t deserve another B…I work SO hard…SO DAMN HARD for what I have. WHY is this happening? If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to share.

Midterms tomorrow

Just hoping that I do better in my Animal A and P II midterm compared to my previous exams…


Cardiology, Monogastric, Respiratory, Lymphatic, Immunity, Digestive Comparative Anatomy (Monogastric, Hindgut, Ruminant).

Algebra exam SEEMED easy enough, but we will see. I am seriously just clawing my way through this until I can devote all my time to find a job this summer.


I am quickly becoming exhausted with this quarter. Between my struggle in A and P 2 and my absolute hatred of Algebra I just want to be DONE!! I am excited that IF I am accepted into my program I will be able to focus ONLY on my career and not have to worry about other classes that aren’t pertinent to my daily performance. I was tanking on my prelabs until this past Wednesday when we did the gastric prelab and I scored 100 percent, BUT I didn’t do that well on our exam yesterday. I am STRUGGLING to get back to an A minus. I have an 89 percent as of now (BEFORE the exam) but I need a 91% to have an A minus and a 94% for an A….aaaaaaand an 83% is failing…fyi. I would have to wait a whole year to retake this course if I got an 83%….HOW FRUSTRATING!!!! In all of my classes I have completed I only have ONE B+…..and I was SO close to having an A-. and I feel like that one B is a spit mark on my record. Other than that I am an ALL A student. I don’t want to risk my grade nor my GPA, my WONDERFUL GPA that I have worked so hard to achieve. I feel like even my hardest efforts this quarter are yielding me nothing. I know we are only half way done, but I’m hoping that these midterm exams will be a redeeming point for myself and will boost my grade. We have completed 90 points out of 585 and I know I still have MANY points left for redemption but I’m not sure WHERE I am going wrong. I’m just hoping I can find my redemption before it is too late…. :(